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Hand Holding Phone Connecting to Wi-Fi with White How To Use Onboard Wi-Fi in Your Land Rover Text

Step-By-Step Guide to the Land Rover Onboard Wi-Fi Hotspot

How To Use the Onboard Wi-Fi in Your Land Rover 

When adventure calls, the Land Rover brand is one of the first to answer. Armed with a lineup of go-anywhere, do-anything SUVs that include the 2021 Land Rover Defender – it can be tough to stay connected when you hit the trail. An available onboard Wi-Fi hotspot will keep you connected no matter where your next adventure may lead and we are here to help at Land Rover Boerne. Learn how to use the onboard Wi-Fi in your Land Rover with this quick step-by-step guide.  

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Close Up of 2021 Land Rover Discovery Touchscreen Display

How-To Guide to Land Rover Touch Pro Duo Bluetooth Capabilities

How To Pair Your Phone with Bluetooth in Your Land Rover 

Land Rover-brand models are loaded with high-end technology that caters to your day-to-day drive – and Bluetooth is an important part of that equation. Armed with Bluetooth capabilities, the 10-inch Touch Pro Duo touchscreen infotainment system in your 2021 Range Rover Evoque will keep you connected to your smartphone with hands-free access to calls, text messages, music and mobile apps. Learn how to pair your phone with Bluetooth in your Land Rover with this quick how-to guide by Land Rover Boerne.

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Front end of cars in a line

Where can I purchase a new vehicle?

How to purchase a vehicle during the coronavirus pandemic

As the world has been seemingly turned upside down during this coronavirus pandemic, there are a few things that have remained the same. People still need to eat, we need to take care of ourselves, and we still need transportation. Are you in the market or close to being in the market for a new vehicle? Here is a brief guide on how to purchase a vehicle during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Person cleaning he dashboard of a vehicle

Do not forget to clean the interior of your vehicle!

How do I kill the coronavirus inside of my vehicle?

If you are like many other Americans, the rapid spread of the coronavirus took you by surprise, and you are now adjusting to a new normal. If you are struggling, we understand. These days have been weird and uncomfortable, to say the least. As you are going through and cleaning the areas in which you live, another place you should clean is the interior of your vehicle. Even if you have not been exposed to the virus, are you asking, “how do I kill the coronavirus inside of my vehicle?” If so, you have come to the right place. Check out our tips and tricks below.

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2019 Jaguar E-Pace infotainment screen

How do I update my Jaguar infotainment system?

The Jaguar lineup is tech-heavy and among other things offers drivers seamless connection to smartphones, audio, and GPS through the infotainment system. To keep all systems running as smoothly as possible, they need to be updated occasionally. In the past, that meant a trip to the dealership. Now, it’s as easy as the touch of a button. Learn more about how to set up software updates in your Jaguar using Wi-Fi connectivity below.  Read the rest of this entry >>