Close Up of 2021 Land Rover Discovery Touchscreen Display

How-To Guide to Land Rover Touch Pro Duo Bluetooth Capabilities

How To Pair Your Phone with Bluetooth in Your Land Rover 

Land Rover-brand models are loaded with high-end technology that caters to your day-to-day drive – and Bluetooth is an important part of that equation. Armed with Bluetooth capabilities, the 10-inch Touch Pro Duo touchscreen infotainment system in your 2021 Range Rover Evoque will keep you connected to your smartphone with hands-free access to calls, text messages, music and mobile apps. Learn how to pair your phone with Bluetooth in your Land Rover with this quick how-to guide by Land Rover Boerne.

Step-By-Step Guide to Land Rover Bluetooth 

  1. Activate Bluetooth on Your Smartphone 
  2. Select TAP to CONNECT PHONE on the Touchscreen Display 
  3. Search for Your Land Rover/Range Rover on Your Phone 
  4. Select Your Land Rover/Range Rover Vehicle 
  5. Ensure that the PIN Number Provided Matches 
  6. Select YES to Proceed 
  7. Select the PHONE Icon on the Touchscreen Display 
  8. Allow Access to Contacts on Your Phone