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Step-By-Step Guide to the Land Rover Onboard Wi-Fi Hotspot

How To Use the Onboard Wi-Fi in Your Land Rover 

When adventure calls, the Land Rover brand is one of the first to answer. Armed with a lineup of go-anywhere, do-anything SUVs that include the 2021 Land Rover Defender – it can be tough to stay connected when you hit the trail. An available onboard Wi-Fi hotspot will keep you connected no matter where your next adventure may lead and we are here to help at Land Rover Boerne. Learn how to use the onboard Wi-Fi in your Land Rover with this quick step-by-step guide.  

How-To Guide to Land Rover Onboard Wi-Fi Hotspot 

  1. Turn Your Land Rover Vehicle On 
  2. Press the Settings Icon on the Touchscreen Display 
  3. Select ALL SETTINGS 
  5. Set the Hotspot Toggle to ON 
  6. Find the Wi-Fi Hotspot on Your Smartphone 
  7. Enter the Password Provided