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Stay Awake on the Road!

What is Driver Condition Monitor and how does it work?

How many times have you gotten behind the wheel of your vehicle after a long day and thought that you might fall asleep? This is a very dangerous thing to do because if you did fall asleep, you could cause a terrible accident. Jaguar is working hard to combat this by introducing a new driver-assist technology called Driver Condition Monitor. What is Driver Condition Monitor and how does it work? Basically, the system collects a ton of data. At the earliest warning signs of drowsiness, the system tells you to take a break. Keep reading to learn more about this technology!

What are the statistics of people falling asleep behind the wheel?

According to an AA Charitable Trust research poll that involved 20,561 drivers in the United Kingdom, one in eight admitted that they had at some point fallen asleep behind the wheel. This is an alarming number! In addition, about 37% of the individuals that were polled admitted to being so tired that they were afraid of falling asleep behind the wheel. Jaguar decided that something needed to be done about these numbers!

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Introducing the Driver Condition Monitor

Jaguar is dedicated to improving the lives of its customers. The company saw a need for helping drivers recognize when they might need to take a break from driving. This is where the Driver Condition Monitor comes into play. This system collects thousands of data points and puts all of this information into an algorithm. This algorithm then determines whether or not the driver is tired. If it comes back positive, then the vehicle will display a cup of coffee and a sound. This alerts the driver that he or she should pull over and get some rest before continuing.

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Where can I learn more about the Driver Condition Monitor?

Stop into Jaguar Boerne to learn more about the Driver Condition Monitor. We would be happy to answer your questions and get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that comes standard with Driver Condition Monitor!

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