What Are Land Rover Courtesy Vehicles?

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Should You Buy a Land Rover Courtesy Vehicle at Land Rover Boerne?
Are you thinking of getting behind the wheel of your very own Land Rover SUV? But you may be on a limited budget, or you simply might want to save up some money? If so, then a courtesy vehicle at Land Rover Boerne in Boerne, TX might just be the perfect vehicle you need for you in the San Antonio, TX area. Keep reading this blog from Land Rover Boerne to find out what exactly is a courtesy vehicle and why you should consider buying a luxurious Land Rover courtesy vehicle.

What are Courtesy Vehicles?
Courtesy vehicles are dealer-owned models that stay on the dealership lot. These are usually brand-new models that are primarily given as temporary rentals for service customers of luxury car brands whose personal vehicles come in for service at the dealership. The dealer rents these courtesy cars to the customers who cannot afford to wait till the service is done and need a ‘courtesy vehicle’ till their vehicle is available to drive home. Some courtesy vehicles may also be used as demo cars or test-drive vehicles and some may be driven by the dealership salesmen, managers, and executives, but have never been registered. If it is registered it is classified as used or a certified pre-owned vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Courtesy Vehicle?
The major benefit of buying a courtesy Land Rover vehicle is that you get a car that’s well cared for and regularly serviced by the in-house service team at the dealership. Courtesy vehicles are very less-driven as they are rented only for a very short time. They are also gently driven as the dealer rents them to well-eligible customers only, which makes them better than used or certified pre-owned cars that may have been used for several years and by different owners.

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Can you buy Land Rover courtesy models at Land Rover Boerne?
At Land Rover Boerne, we sell our retired Land Rover courtesy models or demo models to interested customers at a price that is lower than the actual price of the same model in the showroom.

Find the Latest Land Rover Courtesy Vehicles in Boerne, TX
If you’re interested in buying one of our courtesy Land Rover vehicles, then check out our Courtesy Vehicles inventory. You can also contact us or visit Land Rover Boerne in person to learn more or take a courtesy vehicle of your liking for a test drive.